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Washington Post Review

"Crumbled spiced lamb scattered on pureed chickpeas? Yes, please. Fried goat cheese lashed with honey and sprinkled with beet chips should also find its way to your table. Of the big plates, saffron-fragrant paella with tendrils of spinach, glossy red peppers, soft chickpeas and coins of morcilla (blood sausage) leads the pack early on. Then again, a grill of mixed lamb parts arranged on a green canvas of peas, artichokes, fava beans and fresh mint adds up to a memorable spring fling."

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Washingtonian Feature

"Mola, sets itself apart with simple Moorish-influenced food, incorporating ingredients like olives, dried fruit, almonds, saffron, and more. It opens today in Mount Pleasant from Erin Lingle and Karlos Leopold, the owners of Woodridge Mediterranean spot Nido."